From Us to You

If you are reading this because you have experienced the worst loss, the death of a child, our hearts break for you. You may wonder if you will survive or if things will ever be “normal” again. Yes, you will survive, even though at times you may not want to; and no life will never be the way it was, and you will never be the same. You will learn to live with a new “normal”. If you are in the first steps of your grief, you will learn to live with the pain, but it will never go away. The crushing pressure on your heart and the inability to take a deep breath does subside but the tears will continue to flow, sometimes easier than ever before. Your heart is broken and the healing of this broken heart will be a lifetime process. We are in that process and will be until we see our Savior, Jesus, and our son, Matthew Austin in Heaven. Healing does not come easy or quickly, it is painfully slow. Sometimes you don’t even realize it until you look back and realize where you were and where you are now.

We are writing this from the hurt that we have gone through; business failure, loss of a home and farm, financial loss and difficult struggles of marriage and teenage years, but none of this compares to the horrific loss of our precious, oldest son. We survive only by the grace of God and we depend fully on His comfort, compassion and His Word to bring us through this storm. Sorrow and grief are now part of our lives. In our society we are pushed to get over it, get on with our life, but there is no “quick fix”. Child loss grief is a hard, slow path that must be taken and there is no shortcut. We extend to you our love and understanding. We hope that we can help you as you walk this path, and we pray that God will bring you comfort and begin the healing process in your life.

Matt & Stacie Zachary
Parents of: Matthew Austin Zachary 4/11/1990-5/23/2008